The Mousetrap, Season 62, 2023-2024

As news spreads of a murder in London, a group of seven strangers find themselves snowed in at a remote countryside guesthouse.  When a police sergeant arrives, the guests discover – to their horror – that a killer is in their midst!  One by one, the suspicious characters reveal their sordid pasts.

Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” is the longest continually running show in history, having been performed in London’s West End more than 27,000 times since 1952.  In March we will be bringing it to Marshalltown.

Director – Josh Krough

Assistant Director – Hobz Hooley


Gray Carlton as Mollie Ralston

Jesse DeMeyer as Giles Ralston

Hobz Hooley as Christopher Wren

Regina Gill as Mrs. Boyle

John Gill as Major Metcalf

Lydia Lillibridge as Miss Casewell

Casey Cook as Mr. Paravicini

Tyler Lillibridge as Detective Trotter