Into The Woods, Season 55, 2017




Director—Rick Gooding  
Vocal Director and Assistant to the Director—Heather Lee
Cast Members  
Narrator—Chandler Fisher  
Cinderella—Libby Crawford  
Jack—Ben Kirner  
Jack’s Mother and Voice of Cinderella’s Mother—Heather Lee  
Milky White, the Cow—Bill Roberts  
The Baker—Shawn Pavlik  
The Baker’s Wife-Brianna Yates  
Cinderella’s Stepmother—Aubrey Does  
Florinda—Lyric Tracy  
Lucinda–Sydnie Wohlert  
Little Red Ridinghood—Lily Gast  
The Witch—Susan Harris  
Mysterious Man—Colton Brown  
Wolf—Nathan Bloomquist  
Rapunzel—Amy Van Holland  
Cinderella’s Prince—Stacy Heil  
Rapunzel’s Prince—Jonathan Kirner  
Granny and Voice of the Giant—Pat Kirner  
Steward—Grant Gale