Peter Pan, Season 53, 2015



Production Directors—Shannon Mitchell and Rick Gooding
Choreographer—Kimi Benson  
Vocal Director—Michael Oxley  
Orchestra Director—Andrew Geyssens  
Flight and Sword Fighting Director—Shad Ramsey of ZFX
Cast Members
Wendy—Libby Crawford  
John—Jesse DeMeyer  
Michael—Lane Akers  
Mrs. Darling (and the Crocodile)—Brooke Lawton  
Mr. Darling (and Starkey the Pirate)—Ben Stansberry  
Liza (and an Indian)—Brenda Zavala-Livengood  
Nana (and Cecco the Pirate)—Nathan Bloomquist  
Peter Pan—Nick Cooper  
Cubby—Brayden Akers  
Curly—Lusi Alvarez  
Hop—Averi Bolar  
Slightly—Ava Petty  
Boots—Keaton Rephun  
Tootles—Marina Rosalez  
Nutter—Hannah Summers  
Twin One—Maggie Stansberry  
Twin Two—Cori Goniwicha  
Tiger Lily—Sydnie Wohlert  
Indian—Erin Duffy  
Indian—Vanessa Engel  
Indian—Sami Roseland  
Indian (And Jane)—Hannah Shirar  
Indian—Lauren West  
Captain Hook—Craig Luttrell  
Smee—Dean Messerly  
Stinky—Stacy Heil  
Stretch—Mikela Lynn Jones  
Shorty—Nyadoar (Nya) Gatwech  
Mullins—Benjamin Kirner
 Jukes—Michael Nablo  
Noodler—Ken Walton  
Adult Wendy—Aubrey Does