County Line Road, Season 61, 2023

A couple wakes up after an evening out with no memory of how they got home, only bizarre dreams and a feeling that something isn’t quite right.  Was it too much alcohol at dinner? A shared hallucination? Or something else entirely?

They know that SOMETHING happened to them that night on County Line Road.  But they’ll soon discover that some unexplained events are better left that way.

Playwright-Michael Rothmayer

Director-Stacy Heil

Assistant Director-Nicole Jensen

Assistant Director-Josh Krough


Leigh Carson as Lisa Wilson

Jarrod Cunhs as Ben Wilson

Nick Lindborg as Deputy Sheriff Robert Kerns

Emily Stone as Cassandra Ives

Morgan Reddy as Person 1/Camera Person

Jenna Van Law as Person 2/Camera Person

Regina Gill as Anne Stoddard

John Gill as Sheriff Paul Patterson