“110 Stories” by Sarah Tuft

A Readers Theater presentation of

“110 Stories” by Sarah Tuft


From the first crash at the Towers to a last goodbye at Ground Zero, “110 Stories” takes us through 9/11 as told by those who were there.  Based on interviews, this docu-play weaves together stories not shown on the news, from people we can relate to…a mother, a photojournalist, an iron worker, a chiropractor, and a homeless man who saved lives that day.  Their unflinching, freaked-out and occasionally funny accounts take us back to when 9/11 was unimaginable, capturing the shock and horror of the day as well as the resilience of New York City in its aftermath.  Remaining apolitical, “110 Stories” memorializes September 11th by humanizing history to reveal our innate compassion.  


Directed by Rick Gooding

Arlene McAtee

Janine Campbell

Nate Bloomquist

Susan Harris

Sue Crawford

Joel Duden

Becky Mounsdon

Lisa Naig

Pete Grady

Karen Roessler

Rob Merritt

Scott Lindborg


September 11 & 12 at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets will be $10 at the door.

Orpheum B.A. Niblock Black Box Theater