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The Cast & Crew

"And Then There Were None" Cast Members

Mr. Rogers / Jason Vagjrt 

Mrs. Rogers / Allison Fisher 

Evelyn Narracott / Devin Louks 

Vera Claythorne / Nicole Lynch 

Philip Lombard / Scott Lindborg 

Anthony Marston / Joshua Benda 

William Blore / Nathan Bloomquist 

General Mackenzie / Jeff Harris 

Emily Brent /Vanessa Engel 

Sir Lawrence Wargrave / Steve Scheiding 

Dr. Armstrong / Stacy Heil 

The Voice / Tim Fienup 

Production / Creative 

Director /  Bill Roberts

Assistant Director /  Sherry Kubalsky

Stage Managers  /

Set Design/Construction /  Kevin Lageschulte  

Set Construction Team /  Kevin Lageschulte and Kevin Holubar  

Stage Properties Crew / 

Lighting Design  /

Lighting Crew / 

Sound Design / 

Sound Board Operator / 

Costume Design/Construction / 

Hair/Make-up Design / 

Production Photographer /  

Publicity & Marketing /  

Box Office & Ushers /  Peggy Schoer  

Program Design /  Julie Kruse Brewer